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About Orthodontics

Most of us turn to orthodontic care to achieve a bright, healthy looking smile.

Are you conscious about your smile? Feel less confident because of it? We can help correct your concerns with braces. It can substantially improve the way you look, and boost your confidence!

After the treatment, you will have achieved that gorgeous, confident smile.

Our practice is dedicated to make you feel comfortable throughout the orthodontic procedure. We make sure you receive quality care-you deserve it!

How Orthodontic Treatment Works

The treatment uses orthodontic appliances made of plastic, ceramic or metal. These are either removable or are available as brackets that can bond with the teeth.

Remember the metal band that was placed over each tooth with a bracket. Those days are gone!

Now, you can opt for clear or metal brackets-or choose the color of your appliance. Wires too are less noticeable than they were previously. These are designed with materials that allow your teeth to move easily and provide more comfort.

Today, you can wear braces at any age to correct dental imperfections.

Treatment duration

The time duration of your treatment can vary from one to three years. It depends on several factors-including your age, treatment method, and whether your case is minor or severe.

Remember, the biggest factor is you! The more involved you are, the more efficient will be your treatment.

We recommend interceptive or early treatment for children, as it usually shortens the treatment period.

We'll discuss all your options together before you begin your orthodontic care. Furthermore, we will also provide you an estimate of the time required for complete treatment.

If it's your first time visiting an orthodontist, you've probably heard your fair share of horror stories about forceps and excavators.

Maybe your teeth are seemingly healthy, and those stories give you an incentive to avoid the dentist until there's a "real" emergency.

Contrary to popular opinion, however, orthodontic treatment goes far beyond cosmetic treatment to encompass long-term dental health.

Our orthodontists are certified by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, as well as the American Association of Dentists.

Visit our dental clinic in Alexandria to learn more about the services we provide.

Want to learn more about your personalized orthodontic care and treatment? Call our facility and schedule your appointment today.

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