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Common Treatments

We understand how poor dental health and a less-than-perfect smile can affect your lifestyle. You do not have to feel this way.

At Alexandria Art of Dentistry, our dentists suggest the perfect treatment for your dental problems. We create a customized plan to correct imperfect teeth and jaw line, using one or more treatments.

Here are a few examples of procedures we’ve done in the past..

Crowding Of Teeth

The treatment started at the age of 11 years. The patient wore braces for 26 months. The difference, as you can see, is quite visible.

Open Bite

This is the result of the patient’s thumb sucking habit at a young age. Her treatment started when she was 13. She wore braces and a ‘crib’—a special dental appliance used to restrain the tongue. It was worn for 28 months.

Deep Overbite

Lower Front Teeth Bite Into Palate

This was an adult patient aged 25; needed braces and jaw surgery for correction of severe overbite. The treatment took two years. Had this been treated earlier, the problem could have been corrected without surgery. That being said, it is not unordinary for adults to be dealing with such a condition. On the contrary, it’s quite common.

Missing lateral incisors

The patient’s lateral incisors were missing from birth. She wore braces for 20 months. The treatment helped move her teeth in the right position. The missing teeth were then replaced with ‘Maryland’ bridges.


Lower Front Teeth In Front Of Upper Teeth

The underbite was causing intense jaw joint discomfort to the patient. It also resulted in appearance of excessive wear patterns on the teeth. Treatment started at the age of 32, and went on for 30 months. She now has a beautiful smile, and can chew with ease.

Spacing Of Teeth

Bothered by spaces between her teeth, the patient was treated with braces to fill in the space. After 24 months of treatment, she now has an ideal bite. Special glued-in retainers are placed to keep the spaces closed.


Protruding Front Teeth

Patient had a massive overjet at the age of ten, with her top teeth protruding outwards. She was treated in two phases; first one helping her jaws to be positioned comfortably, and second phases aligning her teeth and bite. The overjet is corrected now at the age of 13.

Non-Braces Treatment

Braces may not always be needed to noticeably improve tooth alignment. Crowding of the lower teeth was first detected in the patient at the age of seven. A procedure was performed, reducing the width of surrounding baby teeth. The permanent incisors aligned by themselves within nine months.


Parents were concerned about the health and aesthetics of patient’s erupting permanent teeth. He was brought to the dentist at the age of 8. The patient displayed crowded lower front teeth that were touching the palate, and extremely displaced upper front teeth. Phase-One treatment included an expander as well as partial braces. After twelve months, the patient’s dental function and appearance were vastly improved.

Let us help bring confidence to your smile!


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