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Dental Implants

Don’t let dental imperfections impact your self-esteem. We make sure you get your confidence back.

Dental problems and risk of dental diseases increase with age. While you regularly brush and floss your teeth, in certain cases, it may not be enough! Not to worry, we can help you fix the problem at the root.

Have you lost one or more of your teeth due to an injury or dental disease? You can still rejuvenate your smile and boost your oral health with dental implants!

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a synthetic root shaped like a post. It is surgically placed in your jawbone and is usually made of titanium: the material used in hip and knee replacement. Titanium is well-suited for airing with human bones.

An artificial tooth is then fixed to the implant. It may be removable or attached permanently. The latter are more stable and natural looking.

Ideal candidates for dental implants are patients who practice good oral hygiene and don’t smoke. They must have healthy gums, no signs of gum disease, and a sufficient amount of bone left in their jaw.

We can help walk you through the process here.

Single or Multiple Implants

Dental implants are versatile. For a single missing tooth, one implant and one replacement tooth will suffice. If you have several teeth missing in a row, strategic implant placement can hold up a permanent bridge (of replacement teeth).

A full bridge or full denture is a good option if you’ve lost all the teeth. It can also be permanently fixed using a few implants.

Advantages Over Dentures or Bridges

Conventional dentures and bridges aren’t fixed to the jaw bone. They remain unstable, making it difficult to eat or smile confidently.

Implants look, feel, and act more like your natural teeth. They have a stronger bite too. Since they don’t directly rely for support on the neighboring teeth, implants don’t affect your natural teeth.

While bridges last for seven to ten years, implants typically last a lifetime.

Post-Treatment Care

It’s important to care for your replacement teeth, just as you would do for your natural teeth. Implants also require daily brushing and flossing, and regular dental checkups. The better you take care of them, the longer the implants last!

Implant Services

Our services include:
Your reasons for getting dental implants may vary considerably. From accidents, to dental complications, they provide an instant solution to your problem with a new set of replacement teeth.
Similar to your actual teeth, a premium set of dental implants requires the same amount of maintenance and care.
At Alexandria Art of Dentistry, we walk our patients through the whole process, ensuring their treatment is relatively quick, painless and highly rewarding.

The Proof Is In Our Patients

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