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Preventive Care

Preventive dental care is essential throughout your life, irrespective of your age. We understand the significance of oral health and its impact on your overall wellbeing; which is why we take pride in bringing you a very individualized treatment plan.

For a beautiful and healthy smile, stay up-to-date about your dental health with regular checkups.
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Brushing Instructions

Brushing: Step 1

Position the toothbrush at 45* in relation to your gum.

Brushing: Step 2

Start brushing in a circular motion; be gentle.

Brushing: Step 3

Carefully, brush the inner and outer surfaces as well as the chewing area of each tooth.

Brushing: Step 4

With the tip of the toothbrush, clean the inner surface of front teeth.

Flossing Instructions

Flossing: Step 1

Wind 18 inches of the floss around your fingers. Wrap most of it around one finger, with the other finger taking the floss up as it is used.

Flossing: Step 2

Use your forefingers with thumbs to guide an inch of floss between the teeth.

Flossing: Step 3

Hold the floss tightly and saw it gently between your teeth. Curve the floss against one tooth in a 'C-shape', gently sliding it beneath the gums.

Flossing: Step 4

Slide it up and down and repeat the process for each tooth.
If it has been six months or more since your last dental visit, it's time to schedule an appointment. Contact our dental health facility and book an appointment today! We are more than happy to find the right solution for your dental health problems!

At Alexandria Art of Dentistry, we believe in practicing safety and prevention.

This is why we lay emphasis on preventive dental care to combat a host of dental issues that can exacerbate overtime due to negligence or ignorance.

This is not only common among children who must be reminded to brush their teeth twice a day, but also surprisingly among adults who must pay regular visits to a certified dentist.

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