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Oral Cancer Screening

At Alexandria Art of Dentistry, we care as much about your overall health and wellness, as we do about your bright smile!

With a holistic approach to dental care, we provide screening for oral cancers too. This screening is part of our regular dental exam.

If oral cancers are not diagnosed and treated earlier, they can become life-threatening. This classification includes cancer of mouth, cheek, gums, palate and lips.

We have the right experience, skills and tools to identify early signs of oral cancer, as well as precancerous lesions. Other less threatening conditions may sometimes also cause similar symptoms to appear. However, it is imperative to rule out oral cancers by visiting our dentist's office.

Here are some of the most frequently seen symptoms: We have a team of trained individuals, who can quickly screen your oral cavity for signs of cancer, during the dental exam. We can detect both cancerous and precancerous lesions with a visual examination.

Apart from this, the tissues of mouth and throat are felt to detect any abnormalities that may be present.

If any potential problems are identified, we'll run a brush test. It collects a few cells from the lesion. The sample collected is sent over to the laboratory for further analysis. A biopsy may be recommended if the test result classifies the lesion as 'atypical' or 'positive'.

Regular dental checkups, along with oral cancer screening, are crucial. A few more ways to help you prevent oral cancer include:
We care about your and your family's dental health! Remember, detecting and treating cancer at the right time is essential. Early detection improves treatment success rates!

Please visit our clinic for oral cancer screening. As trustworthy and compassionate dentists, we work with you to understand your condition.

You may think lack of oral hygiene isn't as serious as cancer. But what if we told you that negligence towards your oral hygiene may well pave the way for cancer-the kind that spreads specifically in your mouth?

Oral cancer is a serious medical condition that demands instant treatment. For early detection and prevention, visit us at Alexandria Art of Dentistry.

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